YEAR 10 - Subjects - 2017
Principal: Mrs Ann O'Sullivan

Subject Counsellors:
Mr Lee Copeland
Miss Georgia Boylan,
Mrs Kate Bennie
Personal Learning Plan
Physical Education
RITE - Workplace Practices
Subject List
Year 10 marks the beginning of an intensive period in a student's life when they begin to get intense about their futures. They might begin part-time work, or a school-based apprenticeship. These type of events can contribute toward a student's senior school, SACE studies. Year 10 students may be asked to participate in a camp which has career investigation as the main focus. There will be a cost in relation to this camp, but it is heavily subsidised by the school so that parents do not have to pay anywhere near full costs.

Stage 1 Subject Counselling - this occurs in Term 3 and parents are asked to come in with their child to participate in a subject counselling session which forms the first part of selecting their course for Year 11 (Stage One). All subject information can be found in this handbook. Students will do preliminary work during [pastoral care leading up to this event (which normally occurs around Week 6 of Term 3).

Students are encouraged to speak to their Year Level Coordinator, or Home Group teachers if they are interested in finding out about school-based apprenticeships.

•The PLP (Personal Learning Plan) is a compulsory SACE subject which is completed during year 10. This gives students a 'head-start' on the SACE and eases the pressure at Year 11 (Stage One). It is a one-unit (one semester) course which is worth 10 SACE Credits.
Assessment & Moderation
Work Experience
In addition to completing the PLP, students also do their first week if work experience. They study a subject called RITE (Roxby Industry Training Education). Career investigation, work experience and workplace safety are the key components of this course. It is a semester course which may include a careers trip to Adelaide. (There may be added expense for a Careers Trip - check with RITE Teacher)

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