YEAR 12 - Stage 2: SACE
Principal: Mrs Ann O'Sullivan

Subject Counsellors:
Mr Lee Copeland
Miss Georgia Boylan,
Mrs Kate Bennie
Australian History
Child Studies
Design and Technology
Food and Hospitality
Maths Essentials
Maths General
Maths Methods
Maths - Specialist
Physical Education
Research Project
VET - Auto
VET-Certificate 3 Fitness
VET-Certificate 3 WHS
Subject List
In Stage 2, you will be awarded grades from A+ to E– in your assessments and for your final grade. Your teachers will assess 70% of your work. The SACE Board assesses the other 30% - Externally Assessed.

This means your final result in each Stage 2 subject will be based largely on your school assessments throughout Year 12.

Validating assessment
The SACE Board sources a sample of students' work from each class, which is representative of a range of grades across every Stage 2 subject. Assessment experts then check to confirm that the grades are accurate, fair, and comparable with other students across the state.

Confirming or adjusting grades:
Teachers grade student work with reference to the performance standards provided in the subject outlines. At the end of each year, the SACE Board confirms that grades given at one school are comparable with grades given at another school. The process of confirming and adjusting school assessment grades is referred to as 'moderation'.
The SACE Board marks the external assessment component of all subjects. These assessments can be written examinations, oral examinations, investigations, or performances.

There is one compulsory subject in Year 12 — the Research Project. It is a one-semester (10-credit) subject that gives you the chance to do in-depth research on a topic of your choice.

Some Stage 2 subjects have written examinations that are produced and assessed by the SACE Board. The majority of these examinations take place in Term 4, during October and November.

The examinations timetable is available on the SACE website from the first semester of each year.

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