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As parents, we want the very best for each of our children. We want them to achieve their personal best. This may involve going on to further study (TAFE or tertiary studies), commencing an apprenticeship or going directly into the workforce but no matter what their direction, we want them to be happy and fulfilled in everything they do.

My challenge to all of our students is to not accept 2nd best but try your hardest in everything you do. The teachers are here to support you, and your parents only want what is best.
- Study the career information provided and set your goals.
- Involve your parents in the process so that they can support and assist you in these critical decisions.
- Choose subjects that you enjoy and that will enable you to reach your future goals.
- Set short term and long term goals, it will help keep you focused on what you are aiming to achieve.
- Make your own decisions and aim high.

Don't choose a pathway or subject because it seems the easiest at the time or because someone else is doing it, make your own decisions for the right reasons.
All the best as your embark on your senior secondary Studies.

Mrs O'Sullivan, Principal RDAS

From The Principal . . .
The senior years of schooling are a critical time in anyone's life. A student's general attitude to their school work and the decisions made in relation to subjects chosen does have a major impact on the future path all students follow into work and future prosperity.
As teachers, we want to work in a school where every student is engaged in their learning program and has a clear notion of where they want to head with their studies and future employment. This enables us to fully support them in reaching their goals.