Middle School- Subjects
Principal: Mrs Ann O'Sullivan

Subject Counsellors:
Mr Lee Copeland
Miss Georgia Boylan,
Mrs Kate Bennie
Physical Education
STEM (Yr 9 only)

Subject List
Year 9 is the year students start to think about their future and the skills they will need to develop to be successful senior school students in the future..

We offer a well-developed STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Program in Year 9 that provides students the opportunity to build on their creative design and technology skills. STEM incorporates skills from many disciplines and our Tech, Science and Maths teachers combine to plan and teach this course.

•Secondary school at RDAS starts at Year 7 - unlike other schools in SA that commence secondary study at Year 8. We believe this gives our students the chance to settle into secondary education with less trepedition than might otherwise be experienced. We strongly believe our transition from primary school to secondary benefits our students and by the time they reach Year 7, they fully expect to be secondary students.
Year 9
Already one year into their secondary education, Year 8s are fully settled and looking forward to their Aquatics Camp later in Term 1.

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Year 7
Year 8
Practicals - choice (Semester One)
Design and Technology
Home Economics
Compulsory Subjects: Years 7-9
Practicals - choice (SemesteTwo)
Design and Technology
Home Economics